Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Mildred Vintage’s Website.

Scope of the contract

These Terms and Conditions are applicable only to purchases made in mildredvintage.com online store.

Make an order

Please note that orders can only be made by individuals. Therefore, we will not accept orders made by companies, associations, independent contractors or any other legal entity.

To buy products you must:
• Provide your name and address, telephone number, email address, payment details and other information required.
• Have at least 16 years.

If you have created an account with a personal user ID and password, keep your password protected at all times and not to meet anyone, since you are individually responsible for each purchase made with your ID username and password.


The price charged for a Product will be the price in effect at the time the order is placed and will be reflected in the email order confirmation. These prices include I.V.A.
We may change prices at any time without notice. The price increases will apply to orders placed after such changes only.
The transportation charges, the associated VAT or other taxes, will be displayed in the shop during processing of the order and, in any case, in the confirmation email.
Payments can be made using PayPal or credit card (Visa / Mastercard).
All payments will be subject to security checks.

Product Availability

All orders are subject to product availability. If there are issues in the supply or there are not enough items in stock, immediately inform the customer.


Product delivery is made to the address you have included the customer during the process.
No changes or refunds are made except in case of fault or defect.

Customer service

For questions, suggestions, complaints or questions about the online store, you can contact the Customer Service via e-mail or by filling out the form in the website.
We answer your request as soon as possible and in any event before the period of one month.